Friday, July 31, 2015
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Employee Assistance



What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? In short, it is a pre-paid, company benefit provided to Volvo employees and their household members free of charge. Through the EAP you can receive assistance in dealing with the concerns of everyday life, 24/7. Over the years the EAP has developed into a widely recognized tool for companies to assist employees in resolving personal and family issues, and enhance productivity in the work place.

As your International U.A.W. appointed EAP Rep, I will assist you in getting the information and direction you need. You may contact me at any time by calling the phone numbers provided below. I am always willing to meet with you in a private, confidential setting if you desire. If you see me in your work area and have EAP related questions or issues you would like to discuss, feel free to stop me.


Below is a list of some of the benefits the EAP provides. You can get access to more detailed information by scrolling down the page.


















NRV EAP Contact Information:

Wayne Burnett
Office: 540.674.7761
Internal extension: 7761
Mobil: 540.616.8178

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





One thing we all have in common is that we are human, and as humans we all deal with problems in life. Most of the time we are able to work through the issues we face. However, there are other times when life throws a curve ball our way, we are blind-sided by something totally unexpected, or we are facing issues that we have never dealt with before. At other times the problems seem to keep piling up and even though we’ve tried to be strong and carry it on our own, we find that the weight becomes more than we can bare. We may go through experiences that leave us emotionally and mentally drained, or perhaps there is a past traumatic event that we can’t seem to cope with.

Whatever the case, the EAP is a tremendous resource. Just knowing you don’t have to go it alone, that there is help available, that someone cares and is willing to listen brings a sense of relief and comfort in itself. Knowing that there is somewhere you can get help is priceless.

Seeing a Licensed Professional Counselor can help you come to terms with the issues at hand and also help you regain your focus and grip on life. A professional counselor can help with issues such as –

  • grief and bereavement

  • stress / anxiety

  • anger management

  • depression

  • marriage and relationship issues

  • child / adolecent issues

  • domestic / sexual abuse

  • eating disorders

  • and the list goes on

Through the EAP you can receive up to six visits per year / per issue with a Licensed Professional Counselor. For more information about counseling services, contact your local EAP Rep.




The EAP covers any legal issue that you may encounter. Real estate, child custody, traffic violations, and the list goes on. The only issue EAP does not cover is a legal dispute between employee and employer, due to conflict of interests.

Through the EAP, you can –

  • receive unlimited telephonic consultation concerning legal issues and questions

  • receive a free initial consultation with a local attorney who is in the EAP network

  • receive a 25% discount on legal fees if you retain an attorney

For more information about legal services, call your local EAP Rep.




From time-to-time we all struggle with making financial decisions. Often we find ourself not knowing what to do or what direction to go in. The EAP can help.

By using your EAP you can receive unlimited telephonic consultation with a financial consultant. They can help you with –

  • budgeting

  • debt consolidation

  • debt counseling

  • estate planning

  • invesment options

  • retirement planning

  • tax preparation and questions

For more information about financial services, call your local EAP Rep.




Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing epidemic in our society. It is a proven medical fact that addiction / dependency is a disease that needs to be treated. Left unchecked, addictions can lead to ruined relationsips, broken families, lost jobs, time in jail or prison and deteriorating health. Simply put, substance abuse destroys lives.

If you are struggling with substance abuse and are ready to get help, your EAP Rep can help you find an appropriate treatment center and will provide you with support information once you have completed treatment. Treatment can begin with a simple phone call and assessment. Once your need has been determined, the treatment is set up. Making that simple phone call is the hardest step to take but once that step is taken, you will be on the road to a better life.

For more information about substance abuse and treatment options, contact your local EAP Rep.




Unfortunately, there are no professional courses that can prepare us for parenthood. As parents, we draw from experiences in our own childhood and use the best judgment possible to raise our children. The problem is, each generation brings its own unique challenges. Things that were problems when we were children or teens seem insignificant compared to the things our own children are faced with. We soon realize that what worked for our parents might not work for us.

As parents we are at times left feeling lost, not knowing what do. When your child or teen is struggling with peer pressure, low self esteem, drug use, violence, self destructive behavior (cutting), anger, sexual issues, learning disabilities and etc., you can get direction by calling your EAP Rep. There are many professional counselors that deal specifically with adolecents and the issues that concern them. By using the EAP you can get your child / teen six pre-paid visits with a Licensed Professional Counselor.

If your teen is using illegal or street drugs we can also get them placed in a treatment center that has programs specifically designed for their age group.

For more information on these issues, contact your EAP Rep.




When you use the EAP, the information you share is strictly confidential. However, there are two exceptions to the confidentiality rule

Exception #1 – You sign a release of information form authorizing your EAP Rep to share specific information with union or company officials that is necessary to protect your job.

Exception #2 – The information you share contains the threat or intent to harm yourself or another person, or contains implications of child / sexual abuse. Federal law requires this type of information be reported to the proper authorities.




The EAP provider for Volvo employees and family members is Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH). You can contact them directly by dialing their toll free number, 1-800-395-1616. This is the same number dialed to receive pre-authorization for counseling visits.

The IBH website contains a wealth of information on other benefits not covered on the UAW EAP webpage. It also has legal forms that you can print or download for your personal use. You can access IBH’s websit by going online to . Click on the “Work Life Resources” tab. Click on the “Work Life Resources” link. Type in User Name: Volvo and Password: Group07.